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Urbanears Plattan II Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

Plattan II Bluetooth combines the iconic Plattan design with 30+ hours wireless playtime for your most liberating listening experience yet.


Enjoy your music free from cords. Bluetooth technology lets you easily connect with your sound source for hours of wireless listening, with up to 10 meters of listening range.

30+ Hour Battery

Cord-free listening has never been this liberating. With 30+ hours of battery life, you can listen for days on a single charge.

Control Knob

Navigate your music with ease using a single, intuitive control knob. Skip tracks, adjust volume and pick up calls on the go.

Immersive Sound

Enjoy the full potential of your music. Designed for preciser acoustical tuning and a wider frequency response, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth produces a crisp, natural and immersive sound experience.

Phone Functionality

The built-in mic makes hands-free talking clear and easy. Pick up calls and give commands to Siri on the go.

Collapsible Design

A convenient, collapsible design makes it easy to take your headphones wherever you go. Simply fold them up and be on your way.

Ergonomic Fit

Listen in comfort all day. An extra flexible frame helps your headphones adapt to the unique shape of your head for a customized fit.


The ZoundPlug isn’t really a plug but a socket that lets you share music with your best bud, or a full daisy chain of friends. Simply plug in another pair of headphones and enjoy.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1002580
Product weight:0.16 kilograms
Supported Communication Types: Wireless
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type: On Ear

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Use the Control Knob

    Turn the headphones On/Off
    Press and hold for 3 seconds

    Play/ Pause
    Click once

    Next Song
    Push button to the right

    Previous Song
    Push button to the left

    Fast Forward
    Push button to the right and hold

    Push button to the left and hold

    Increase Volume
    Push button upwards

    Decrease Volume
    Push button downwards

    Handle Calls
    - Click once to answer or hang up the call
    - Double-click to reject an incoming call

    Activate/ Stop Siri*
    Double-click button

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Answer or Reject Calls

    When your receiving a call - click the control knob once to answer and once to hang up

    To reject an incoming call - double click the control knob

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Pair with a Bluetooth® sound source

    1. Begin with your headphones turned off

    2. Press and hold the control knob for 5 seconds until the LED blinks blue

    3. Open the Bluetooth® menu on your sound source and select Plattan 2 Bluetooth from the list of available devices

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Charge the Battery

    When there is less than 60 minutes of power left you will hear an alert tone and the LED will blink red.

    To charge your Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones, connect your headphones to a USB Power Source using the micro USB Cable.

    2.5 Hours of charging gives approximately 30 hours of cord-free play time.

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - LED Indicators

    The LED Indicators display what state the headphones are in:

    Red - Low Battery

    Green - Fully Charged

    Blue - Bluetooth® pairing mode

    Off - Switched off or in normal operation

    How to - Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Use the ZoundPlug

    Use the empty 3.5 mm socket to share your music with a friend. Just plug in a pair of wired headphones and enjoy