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Jakan Bluetooth InEar CHARCOAL BLACK

Jakan combines 12 hours of wireless playtime with a convenient, minimal earbud fit. Great for listening to music and picking up calls on the go. Includes an ergonomic fit, intuitive control knob and magnetic earbuds for around-the-neck wear.

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Easy pairing

Free and easy listening. Enjoy your music free from the hassle of cords. Bluetooth technology enables hours of wireless listening and hands-free calls with a generous listening range.

12 hour battery

Listen all day on a single charge. With 12 hours of battery life per charge, Jakan lives up to the demands of day-to-day life whether you keep them playing all day long or during shorter sessions throughout the week.

Magnetic earbuds

Touch together to wear around your neck. Compact and portable, Jakan is easy to take with you wherever you go. Stash them in a pocket in between listens or simply touch them together to wear around your neck.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:04092175
Product weight:0.03 kilograms
Supported Communication Types: Wireless
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type: In Ear

    How to - Jakan - Use the Control Knob

    On/ Off  = Press and hold for 3 seconds

    Play/ Pause = Click once

    Next Song = Push to the right

    Previous Song = Push to the left

    Fast Forward = Push to the right and hold

    Rewind = Push to the left and hold

    Increase Volume = Push upwards

    Decrease Volume = Push downwards

    Handle Calls: Click once to answer or hang up – Double click to reject and incoming call

    Activate/ Stop Siri = Double Click

    How to - Jakan - Charge the Battery

    When there is less than 1 hour of playtime left you will hear an alert tone and the LED will blink red. To charge, connect your headphone to a USB power source using the micro USB cable. 2.5 hours of charging gives approximately 12+ hours of cord-free playtime.

    How to - Jakan - Pair with a Bluetooth® sound source

    To Pair your Jakan with a Bluetooth sound source, you should do the following:

    1. Begin with your headphones turned off

    2. Press and hold the control knob until the LED blinks blue

    3. Open the Bluetooth menu on your sound source and select Jakan from the list of available devices

    How to - Jakan - Adjust the fit of your earbuds

    Jakan’s adjustable EarClick technology ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Gently push or pull the cord through each earbud until the desired fit is achieved.

    How to - Jakan - LED indicators

    The LED indicator is located on the side of the control panel.

    The different colours indicate the various modes the headset can be in:

    Red: Low Battery

    Green: Fully charged

    Blue: Bluetooth® pairing mode

    Off: Headset switched off or in normal operation