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Marshall Minor III TWS Headphones, Black

All sound, no fuss. With 25 hours of truly wireless playtime, Minor III brings you Marshall Signature Sound without any extra clutter.

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Pair & play

Minor III brings you unrivalled Marshall signature sound without any extra clutter. These headphones do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can just grab your music and go. Just put them in your ears, pair, turn up the volume and head out. The open-fit earbuds also fit comfortably in your ears so you can listen all day, and if you run out of power just place them in the portable charging case that fits right there in your pocket.

Freedom from wires

Minor III is truly wireless, giving you the absolute freedom of listening without wires, while delivering the same powerful audio. Rock out to your favourite playlist or stretch out with something more relaxing, without your headphones getting in the way. Minor III comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which ensures that the earbuds have a strong connection to each other and to your device, so you receive the best possible sound experience.

25 hours of wireless playtime

You don’t want to be left stranded without music when you need it most, so Minor III packs 25 total hours of wireless playtime to keep you moving. The earbuds hold 5 hours and the portable charging case carries four additional charges, so you can slip the earbuds into the case for some extra power when needed. Only 15 minutes of quick charge gives you 1.5 hours of playtime. You can charge the case wirelessly or with a USB-C cable. Never stop moving, never stop listening.

Powerful custom-tuned drivers

Minor III will blow you away with 12 mm drivers, custom-tuned to deliver enhanced bass, smooth mids and clear highs. Minor III lets you experience sound the way Marshall intended.

Intuitive touch controls

Minor III comes with mirrored touch-sensitive earbuds, so you can use either one to control your music and phone calls. Removing and inserting an earbud also initiates the auto-pause and -play feature, so you won’t miss a single beat. Use either earbud to navigate playback and manage phone calls:

  • 1 touch to play/pause
  • 1 touch to receive/end a call
  • 2 touches to reject call
  • 2 touches to skip forward
  • 3 touches to skip backward

What's in the box

  • Minor III True Wireless Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • Manual and legal & safety information
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:1005983
Product weight:0.06 kilograms

    How long does a full charge last?

    The Minor III have up to 5 hours playtime in a single charge. You can charge your earbuds up to 4 times in a fully charged case.

    Are the Minor III earbuds comfortable?

    Minor III has an ergonomic design with an open-fit earbud solution so the earbud rests outside the ear canal. Thanks to its compact design, Minor III will be a good fit for most users.

    Why does this product lack ANC?

    Minor III is created to provide an easy and frictionless user experience – the focus is on usability/ease of use and a great sound experience.

    Will they work for phone calls?

    Of course. The microphone on Minor III is placed in a position that allows for great sound quality for phone calls.

    Can I listen using just one earbud and have the same functionality?

    Yes – the touch controls are the same on both earbuds so you can still have the same control when using only one.

    Do the earbuds auto-play or auto-pause when placed in the ears/removed?

    Yes. Minor III supports auto-pause and auto-play, which means that the media being played will pause if one or both earbuds are removed from the ear and will resume when the earbuds are placed back in the ear.

    What kind of sound can I expect from this product? How would you describe the sound?

    Minor III has powerful 12 mm drivers, custom-tuned to deliver enhanced bass, smooth mids and clear highs.

    Is the product water-resistant? Do they withstand rain? Shower? Swimming?

    Minor III’s earbuds are IPX4-rated, which means they are resistant to being splashed with water, e.g., rain. They cannot be rinsed or fully submerged under water.

    Do I need an app to use these headphones?

    No, Minor III is designed to work straight out of the box and does not require any additional set-up via an app. Minor III does not have app support.

    How does the sound compare to Motif ANC, Mode II and Minor II?

    Minor III comes with non-sealed earbuds. It has a crisp, clear and present sound. Mode II and Motif A.N.C. come with sealed-fit earbuds and have a more consistent bass. Minor III is an upgrade from Minor II with its improved ergonomics.