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TW Sport Headphone El Sport Lime/Green

Die kabellosen Ohrhörer Jabra Elite Sport zeichnen sich durch hervorragende Klangqualität für Musik und Anrufe sowie einer fortschrittlichen kabellosen Konnektivität aus, um eine starke Leistung zu gewährleisten.
Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds feature superior sound quality for music and calls, and advanced wireless connectivity to ensure true performance. Independently proven to deliver the best call quality of any true wireless product using four-microphone call technology. Our intuitive cord-free design includes two microphones in each bud that work together to filter out background noise, ensuring that only your voice is heard clearly and that there’s no distraction from your environment. Now with a battery that delivers 4.5 hours of play time, coupled with a portable charging case you have a total 13.5 hours of power at your disposal. Superior comfort and an always-reliable secure fit is delivered by customizable fitting options that enable all-day use and improve the quality of your sound experience. You can achieve a secure fit no matter how vigorous your workout is, and you have the option to wear one or both buds depending on your activity. The in-ear precision heart rate monitor works with our integrated Jabra Sport Life app to track and analyze your fitness, as well as provide personalized audio coaching. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just trying to get fitter, you can train smarter, not harder, with Jabra Elite Sport and our fitness app. Monitor your absolute fitness level, have your reps counted automatically, predict your race pace and finish time, and get recovery tips to avoid over training. And now, with adjustable EQ profiles and settings, you can use the app to personalize your music settings.
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True Wireless
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