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Westinghouse Retro-Handmixer mit 5 Geschwindigkeitsstufen, Rot

Stylisches Retro-Handrührgerät mit 5 Geschwindigkeitsstufen und 2-in-1-Multifunktionsdesign mit Knethaken und Rührbesen inklusive.

About the Retro Hand Mixer

With The stylish Retro Hand Mixer, you can effortlessly change various ingredients into a smooth mixture. The different speed and mixing selections will achieve the most optimal results. Are you already feeling excited to make your favorite pastry recipe? Surprise your loved ones or spoil yourself with a self-made delicacy with the Retro Hand Mixer!

Six Adjustable Speeds

The six different speed options allow to always have the right speed for every type of ingredient. The turbo function provides extra power when needed. The ergonomic handle of the mixer is very comfortable to use. Beaters ánd kneading hooks are included! The perfect mixing accessories to prepare a pastry filling or to make bread dough. 

Eject Button

The practical eject button of the Retro Hand Mixer allows you to remove the kneading hooks or beaters quickly, easily and - most import - safely. Release the accessories without touching by pressing at the eject button so you won’t get your hands dirty. The high-quality stainless steel accessories are dishwasher safe, therefor the Retro Hand Mixer is very easy to clean.


Multifunctional Design

The Retro Hand Mixer makes storage of the appliance easier thanks to the 2 in 1 multifunctional design. After usage and cleaning you can easily place the mixer on the pedestal and store the accessories in the small holders. This way the different parts are gathered together at the pedestal so you can store it in your kitchen cupboard, where it can easily be found.

Colour - Cranberry Red

To stay in the retro mood, CRANBERRY RED is elected to be one of the Iconic colours of the Westinghouse Retro Series. Do you remember the warm colour of cranberry chutney?



Produkt Gewicht:1.84 kilogramm